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About us

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Foshan Topwell Furniture Co., Ltd. is one of the leading enterprises specializing in the production of outdoor leisure furniture in China

Foshan Topwell Furniture Co., Ltd is one of the leading enterprises specialized in outdoor-leisure furniture’s manufacturing in China. Our factory located in Nanhai,Foshan, Guangdong- the biggest Furniture production base in China. With about half hour from Guangzhou, the shipment could be effected at first time required by our customers. Topwell has two factories ,covers the production area of 15,000 square meters . Owned more than 200 staffs. One factory is mainly making steel and rattan furniture, one is aluminum and other outdoor furniture.

Topwell has been continuously developing during the past 17 years. Based on main materials Aluminum,Metal, wood and imitated rattan, Topwell has developed various styles of products. Like rattan chair and table ,steel chair and table ,aluminum chair and table,wood chair and table ,plastic wood chair and table and so on ,Through continual improving in designing, production control, after-sales service and consolidating all resources, Topwell has spread its products to more than 50 countries and regions, including Europe, Amercia, Australia, Mideast, Southeast Asia ,HK and Taiwan etc. In order to make further close to world market, With quality and stylish products, we are confident in running toward the world.

Our management policy is "To win customers and markets through providing high quality products and excellent service". We adhere to the faithful and lawful management principle and keeping constantly improving interior administration. Owing to our perfect service, good reputation and solid economy, our operation has been developed vigorously these years.

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  • Have outdoor furniture products or regional marketing sales experience, subject to the unified management of the company

  • Exploring the space resources that have the requirements for opening an exhibition halls

  • Have sufficient financial strength and confidence to ensure the achievement of set sales targets;

  • Have a good company reputation, complete and stable sales channels and strong sales capabilities;

  • Fully recognize the brand value concept of Topwell Furniture, strictly implement the Topwell Furniture brand cooperation policy, and obey the company's unified management;

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Service Idea/ Either do it good or don’t commit!

Either do it good or don’t commit!

Creation is a kind of mental work, and Topwell's freedom and openness are not only reflected in our daily lives. The same is true for the working atmosphere, everything is so natural and simple... "Be sincere and keep in touch with every customer" From the moment you choose Topwell Furniture, meticulous service will always be available By your side, Topwell Furniture will think of anything you can't think of. Topwell Furniture stands at the forefront of the times and has launched a systematic and complete service strategy, which specifically includes three major systems: pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales, and will wholeheartedly serve you throughout the process.

  • Professional Answers and Guidance

  • Arrange factory and showroom visits with detailed product explanations

  • Material, color, style and other matching suggestions

  • Strict quality control before shipment

  • Full packaging protection during delivery

  • Coordinate production and deliver on time

  • Conduct regular follow-up visits to customers about the products they purchased and recommend new products

  • Commitment to fast response